Career path

SI Consulting career structure is made up of six seniority levels as depicted below


Together with a permanent employee from SI Consulting, an intern works with us part-time (20% - 60%) for about 12 weeks in a manner similar to a Business Analyst. An intern is expected to learn the basics of project work and also be able to contribute to minor investigations at a customer. The purpose of the ex-job is to either contribute material to employees or as a value-creating investigation to any of our customers.


Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is responsible for and has an active role in part of a project, supported by more experienced colleagues. The tasks consist mostly of problem solving and supporting clients with the implementation of the solutions. The more experience and knowledge the consultant receives, the greater the responsibility assigned to him.


Management Consultant

A Management Consultant's duties are identical to a Business Analyst, with a higher level of expectations of individual responsibility and contribution. Unlike a Business Analyst, a completed master's degree is required to enter this level.


Senior Management Consultant

A Senior Management Consultant is responsible for a larger area of work within projects. A Senior Management Consultant is self-employed in problem solving and develops basic knowledge in areas that are value-creating for clients.


A Manager is responsible for the daily project work and is the core of the team. This means that in close cooperation with the customer, he maximizes the effects of the work and leads the client through the change process. Managers also work to ensure long-term value creation and relationships with customers.


Partner / Collaborating Partner

A Partner / Collaborating Partner shares his time between several projects rather than working on one project at a time. Partners inspire their colleagues and employees to achieve the best possible results and are active next-generation mentors.

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